Born in 1988 I grew up on the outskirts of the Amalfi Coast, in a small town, Cava de' tirreni, surrounded by the Picentini and Lattari Mountains. The historic Metelliana Valley has been an ideal place to grow in nature and cultivate many sports that I love: climbing, trekking, martial arts, football, tennis, mountain biking and others.  I had my first photographic experiences thanks to my uncle Luigi and they were purely documentary. We dedicated ourselves to Basilicata and Calabria, researching and documenting very rare species such as the Egyptian Vulture, a vulture almost extinct in Italy, or the Black Stork, also very rare in Italy and even more so in the South. Thanks to my Uncle I started to try my hand at this beautiful passion and study the fauna of every kind, from local mammals like the otter, very present in the cleanest rivers of Campania, to the migration of birds. Thanks then to an exceptional photographer-ornithologist, Saverio, I started to dedicate myself more to the photographic technique and to the deeper study of ornithology. I love nature and its protection is close to my heart, that's why, under the guidance of a top protectionist, who has been fighting and would sacrifice himself to protect every strip of wild nature, Achille, I have been a member of various voluntary associations for the protection of southern Italian nature. We are surrounded by the beauty of a nature that fortunately has never abandoned us in spite of everything.

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